We are proud to offer our customers with premium quality proteins from well-known suppliers who share in our high level of commitment to exceed our client’s every expectation. Many of our suppliers are steeped in a rich family history similar to our own; with pride and dedication unmatched in today’s marketplace.

beed Beef – Premium beef aged to perfection.
poultry Poultry – Wide variety of exceptional poultry products.
pork Pork – Learn about our flavorful all natural duroc pork products.
lamb Lamb – From domestic to imported free-range lamb, we got it.
game Buffalo – Explore our all natural free-range buffalo products.
Untitled-1 Sausages – Sausages add unique flavor to your signature dish.
other Wild Game – Intrigue your guests with wild game specials.
seafood Seafood – Choose from a variety of fresh & frozen seafood.
dairy Dairy – Search our selection of premium dairy products.
ethnic-food Ethnic – Search our wide variety of popular ethnic foods.
other Soups – Browse our selection of premium “Heat & Serve Soups.”
other Other – Don’t see what you’re looking for? Try looking here!