Premium Quality Proteins

Farmer Focused • SQF Certified • Sourced within 250 miles

We are proud to offer our customers with premium quality proteins from well-known suppliers who share in our high level of commitment to exceed our client’s every expectation. Many of our suppliers are steeped in a rich family history similar to our own; with pride and dedication unmatched in today’s marketplace.


Swanson Meats currently offers a strong lineup of local beef purveyors. Whether it's Wagyu or Angus, ground beef or carne asada, lean on our expertise to supply you with the right product, every time!

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Swanson Meats boasts a robust catalog of commodity and antibiotic free poultry options. Leveraging local partnerships has allowed Swansons to continue to grow its product offerings from food service to tray pack. Ask about our ground, diced or marinated offerings!

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With a strong pork community near its borders, Swanson Meats purchases from many local partners within 100 miles of Minneapolis. Swanson’s is blessed to have plenty of quality options for its customers. We also produce marinated cuts with industry-leading spice blends. From portion cuts to ground or diced options, we have your needs covered.

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Swanson Meats offers both domestic and import lamb options with various cuts and sizes. It’ll have you coming baaaa-ck for more!

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Swanson produces numerous blends of sausage including: Calabrese, beef hot link, pizza, chorizo, brats and banger. We also roll our own brats and links!

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Wild Game

Swanson offers the current line up of stocked Wild Game options: Buffalo, Elk, Deer, Pheasant and Wild Boar. Other varieties are available upon request.

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Swanson partners its land-based proteins with a substantial variety of frozen and fresh seafood options. From shrimp to walleye, our offerings are sourced from qualified vendors to ensure quality and food safety are top of mind.

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Swanson’s partners with local dairies to supply customers with quality dairy products including various cheeses and sour cream. Don't forget the cheese curds!

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Soups and Chili

Swanson’s long-established partnership with the Upper Midwest’s top soup production facility has allowed patrons near and far to sample some of the best soup available on the market. This soup is produced just 0.2 miles from Swanson’s facility in Minneapolis, it doesn’t get more local than that! You didn’t hear it from us, but the beef chili is incredible!

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Swanson’s also carries an array of sauces including BBQ. We also carry french fries, pickles and some spices. Our Swanson Smokin Sides are packaged to be thrown right on the grill or in the oven coming in four exciting varieties. Please inquire on other requests; our buyers are ready to assist!

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Ground Products

Looking for a further processor with years of experience, industry insight, and a proven track record? Well you’ve come to the right place, Swanson Meats has built our reputation by using only the finest available products, and never cutting corners. We grind several thousand pounds of custom products each week for our customers, and we would love to add you to that list. Below is a sample list of our custom processing capabilities:

Custom Blends:

  • Beef, Pork, Chicken, Turkey, Lamb, Bison, Elk, and Veal
  • Custom Burgers, Sausages, and more.
Fresh Custom Ground Meat

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