The Swanson Story


In the early 1960’s, Axel Swanson first opened his doors in a small store front located on Lake St. & Bloomington Av. S. in Minneapolis, MN. It was there where Axel would become known for his hard work, quality products, and most importantly his honest approach with his customers. According to his daughter, Axel knew and was adored by all his customers.


In the mid 1970’s, Alex Swanson sold his business to the Mann family. Ownership may have changed but our stand on Excellence in Quality & Service has not.Prior to purchasing Swanson Meat’s, Leroy, and his son Mark worked together at Abram’s Meat Distributors in St. Paul, MN. At Abram’s they gained invaluable insights about the trade, developed strong work ethics, and furthered their skills. All of which would ensure Swanson Meat’s long term success.In addition to running Swanson Meats, the Mann family also continues to operate their family farm located in North Branch, MN. Swanson Meats is Proud to be Farmer Owned. ™


Business continued to grow and the Mann family found themselves running out of space at their Lake St. location. With the need for more space, the Mann family began searching for a location to build a new plant. Eventually they would pick a location near Hiawatha and Lake St. in Minneapolis. Construction was finished and the move to 2700 26th Av. S. would take place in the late 1980’s. Which is where Swanson Meat’s is located today.


During the 1990’s, business expanded at a rapid rate and we once again found ourselves running out of room. Two additions to the building later, and it still seems as if there is never enough space around here.


In 2009 Swanson Meats bought out Schumacher Meats located in Golden Valley, MN. Swanson Meats becomes Minnesota’s largest independently owned and operated foodservice company.






Celebrated our 50th Anniversary and welcomed our third family generation into the business.Swanson Meats currently services approximately 500 restaurants, a number of hotels, and several institutions most of which are located right here in MN! We have over 75 full time employees, 10+ trucks on the road, and 8 knowledgeable sales representatives.

Over the years a lot things have changed around here, but some things remain unchanged. Such as; our promise to Excellence in Service & Quality, our honest business approach, and our commitment to put our customers’ needs ahead of our own.