Swanson Meats sources some of the finest quality veal around, if you are looking for the velvety smooth texture of milk fed veal look no further. Animals are fed a highly specialized diet resulting in rich creamy color with just enough marbling to melt in your mouth.

Veal – Production Items

Our suppliers understand our expectations and share our high standards for premium milk fed veal and because of this we are able to cut and produce veal products that are set apart from the rest. Below is a handful of veal items that we cut and process here at Swanson Meats.

  • Ground Veal
  • Veal Rib Chops
  • Veal Rib Chops Frenched
  • Veal Breasts Boneless
  • Veal Strip Chops
  • Veal Sweetbreads

33______________________ Delft Blue

Delft Blue is leading the veal industry in high quality standards which results in premium veal second to none. Such quality is a result of superior technology as well as paying close attention to the nutritional needs of the animals. Throughout the years, Delft Blue, has changed the way people view veal with innovative animal handling practices and exceptional tasting products.

  • Veal Rack Split
  • Veal Chuck Shoulder Bone-In
  • Veal Breast Bone-In
  • Veal Tenderloin Bone-In
  • Veal Short Loin
  • Veal Leg Whole Bone-In
  • Veal Strip Loin Boneless
  • Veal Hindshank
  • Veal Butt Tenderloin
  • Veal Tenderloin
  • Veal Inside Round
  • Veal Eye of Round
  • Veal Stew
  • Veal Leg Sliced 3oz & 6oz
  • Veal Cutlet Scaloppini 3oz & 4oz
  • Veal Hindshank Osso Bucco 2”
  • Veal Demi-Glace
  • Veal Glace De Veau
  • Veal Top Butt Boneless Cap-Off
  • Veal Head
  • Veal Neck Bones
  • Veal Chuck Roll Netted Boneless
  • Veal Bones
  • Veal Tongue
  • Veal Bones Shank End Knuckle
  • Veal Hearts
  • Veal Kidney
  • Veal Brains
  • Veal Liver Sliced 4oz & 6oz
  • And More!