Sausage provides an opportunity for chefs to enhance traditional dishes or develop new and exciting signature dishes. From traditional to custom sausage blends Swanson’s team is committed to providing our customers a wide selection of the highest quality sausages. Below is a list of third party sausages we carry at Swanson Meats as well as our own House Sausage Blends.

1 Swanson Meats Custom House Sausages– Our custom house sausages are considered by many as the best tasting sausage they have ever had. What the secret? It’s rather simply, we believe in using only the highest quality ingredients available and leaving out all the rest. If you’ve never tried our sausages ask for a sample today, guaranteed not to disappoint.Locally Produced in Minneapolis, MN

  • SMI Sausage Italian Coil 1969 [15#]
  • SMI Sausage Italian Fresca [4/5#]
  • SMI Sausage Italian Mild [4/5#]
  • SMI Sausage Italian Hot [4/5#]
  • SMI Sausage Cajun Bulk [4/5#]
  • SMI Sausage Banger Bulk [4/5#]
  • SMI Sausage Banger Coil [15#]
  • SMI Sausage Banger 1/4” Link [15#]
  • SMI Sausage Beef Hot Link [15#]
  • SMI Sausage Beef Hot Coil [15#]
  • SMI Sausage Chorizo [4/5#]
  • SMI Sausage Chorizo Link [15#]
  • SMI Sausage Italian Calabrese Bulk Small-Pack [15/1#]
  • SMI Sausage Italian Calabrese Bulk [4/5#]
  • SMI Sausage Italian Calabrese 3:1 Link [15#]
  • SMI Sausage Italian Calabrese 4:1 Link [15#]
  • SMI Sausage Italian Sicilian Style [4/5#]
  • SMI Sausage Patty 3oz [8#]
  • SMI Sausage Patty 2oz [10#]
  2 Jones Dairy Farms – Sausage is Jones Dairy Farm’s most signature product. They use the same ingredients Milo Jones used more than 125 years ago when he first started the company—pork, water, salt and spices. The result is an array of links, patties and ground sausage that have become a staple on the tables of families throughout the country.Located in Fort Atkinson, WI.

  • JDF Sausage Link 1oz Raw [10#]
  • JDF Sausage Link 2oz Raw [10#]
  • JDF Sausage Link .8oz Cooked [10#]
  • JDF Sausage Link 1.6oz Cooked [10#]
  • JDF Sausage Patty Cooked 2oz [10#]
  • JDF Chicken Sausage Link 1.4oz Cooked [10#]
 3 Klements Sausage – Quality and freshness have always been the center points for Klement’s success. Klement’s products are considerably leaner than the competition. It’s a high protein, lower fat product that today’s consumers demand. The company’s Italian Andouille and Polish sausage have been the main stays of the company from the very beginning.Located in Milwaukee, WI.

  • Klements Endless Andouille Sausage Rope [4/3#]
  • Klements Hot Beef Polish Sausage 5×1 Link [10#]
  • Klements Smoked Polish Sausage 5×1 Link, Natural Casing [10#]
   4 Rose Packaging Company – Rose Packaging Company’s sausage is made using tender pork loin trimmings, perfectly seasoned using a mild blend of natural spices. Their popular patties, skin-on links, and skinless links are packed full of flavor and guaranteed to make your customers ask for more.Located in Barrington, IL.

  • Roses Sausage 1oz Link Raw [10#]
  • Roses Sausage 2oz Patty Cooked [10#]
  • Roses Polish Sausage 2oz Patty Cooked [10#]
 5 Thielen Meats– Is a 4th generation meat market that was built in 1922. Though they’ve added many great meat products over the years they old fashioned techniques have remained the same. Thielen Meats is known around the world for having the very best quality fresh and smoked meats.Located in Pierz, MN.

  • Thielen Polish Sausage [10#]
  • Thielen Sausage Swedish Potato Ring [15#]
  • Thielen Pork Sausage Large Links [10#]
  • Thielen Liver Sausage Ring [10#]
6 Webster City Custom Meats– Was first opened their doors on January 9th in 1973. Webster City specializes in custom meat processing of fresh and smoked pork products. Products are processed using strict standards that ensure quality and consistence time and time again.Located in Webster City, IA.

  • Webster City Sausage 1oz Link [10#]
  • Webster City Sausage 2oz Link [10#]
  • Webster City Breakfast Sausage Bulk [4/5#]

Other Sausage Products

  • Manea Meats Irish Banger Sausage 1oz Link [10#]
  • Manea Meats Irish Banger Sausage Bulk [2/5#]
  • Manea Meats Maple Sausage 1oz Link Natural Casing [10#]
  • Sausage Kielbasa Economy [2/5#]
  • Sausage Andouille Link Cooked [10/1#]
  • Chicken Sausage Maple Apple [10#]
  • Chicken Sausage Tomato Basil [12#]
  • Chicken Sausage Sweet Italian [12/18oz]