Wild game offers chef’s a variety of unique proteins to work with to create that must have signature dish. Many of our wild game suppliers are local small farmers who take great pride in the product they produce. Although our selection of wild game is on the smaller side that doesn’t mean we can’t find the perfect item to feature on your menu. Please keep in mind that many of our wild game products are special order only.


1___________________ Western Buffalo Company

Is a family owned meat processing business that is focused on processing and marketing buffalo (American Bison). Buffalo are purchased from within a 500 miles radius of western South Dakota. Western Buffalo has been active in the buffalo industry for over 30 years. They promote their products to small and mid-sized marketers nationwide.

Product Sourced From Midwestern States

  • Buffalo Ribeye
  • Buffalo Strip Loin
  • Buffalo Tenderloin PSMO 5up
  • Buffalo Patties 2 oz Slider
  • Buffalo Patties 6 oz
  • Ground Buffalo
  • Buffalo NY Strip Steaks
  • Buffalo Ribeye Steaks


3___________________ Elk Marketing Council

Was established in 2000 to promote the elk meat industry and create a market for US farm-raised animals. Elk is considered the finest game meat available by many top chefs. It is extremely lean and high in protein making it an excellent choice for the health conscious consumer. Most items below are special order only.

Product Sourced from Rogers, MN

  • Ground Elk
  • Ground Elk & Beef 
  • Elk Tenderloin Whole  
  • Elk Patties 3:1 Homestyle


Elk Marketing Council

Has diversified their product line and now sells a large variety of venison. All their products are USDA inspected to ensure quality. And what’s better? They are also all natural, gluten free, contain no MSG, hormones, steroids or chemicals. Making their products the safest and healthiest available. Most items below are special order only.

Product Sourced from Rogers, MN.

  • Venison Strip Loin Boneless
  • Venison Denver Leg
  • Venison Ribeye Boneless
  • Venison Tenderloin Whole


W&G Provisions

Wholesome and flavorful rabbit meat is sourced from small family farms in America’s heartland. w&G follows specific guidelines to create a wonderful natural flavor of rabbits. More items are available via Special Order.

  • Whole Domestic Rabbit 2.75#
  • Rabbit Hind Legs Bone-In


Maple Leafs Farms Duck

At Swanson Meats we offer a variety of Maple Leaf Farms duck products from traditional whole duck to convenient portion sized breasts are more. You’ll find it easy to incorporate duck into your menu. Discover the perfect duck item that will make your signature plate even memorable and flavorful!

  • Whole Grade A Duck 4.5 – 5 lb.
  • Duck Legs
  • Duck Breast 5-6oz, 6-7oz, 8-10oz
  • Ground Duck
  • Duck Wings Bulk
  • Duck Tenders Clipped IQF
  • Duck Bacon Applewood Cooked
  • Duck Tenders Breaded Almond
  • Duck Lobe Foie Gras Grade A
  • Duck Lobe Foie Gras Grade B
  • Duck Fat Rendered
  • Duck Fat Raw
  • Duck Confit Cooked 7-8oz
  • Duck Liver
  • Duck Carcass
  • Duck Skin

Game Birds

We also carry a smaller variety of game birds. Game birds offer your customers a unique and different dining experience. Some of our game birds are seasonal, others are special order only. If planning on ordering game birds please place your order at least a week in advance to allow us time to bring in products.

  • Cornish Game Hens
  • Quail Whole Semi Boneless