In order to better serve our customers Swanson Meats is always looking at ways to expand our product line. Within the last few years we have introduced premium dairy items into our product line. Every operator uses dairy in one way or another and with premium dairy products creating that must have dish has never been easier. Below is a list of vendors and dairy items current being offered:


1 Schrorder Dairy – Schroder’s commitment to quality has resulted in the finest tasting milk. Quality to Schroeder means crafting milk that tastes the way it should-naturally sweet, soft and creamy. Superior flavor requires skill, commitment and technological expertise. Schroeder consistently delivers a better tasting product to our customers.

Locally Souced from St. Paul, MN.

  • Whole Milk – [5 Gall]
  • 2% Milk – [5 Gal]
  • Whole Milk Box – [4/1 Gal]
  • 2% Milk Box – [4/1 Gal]
  • Whole Milk Box – [6/.5 Gal]
  • 2% Milk Box – [6/.5 Gal]
  • Skim Milk Box – [4/1 Gal]
  • 2% Milk Box – [50/8oz]
  • Skim Milk Box – [6/.5 Gal]
  • Choc Milk Skim Box – [50/8oz
  • Choc Milk 1% Box – [20/1 PT]
  • Gourmet Heavy Cream [6/.5 Gal]
  • Butter Salted Solid [36/1#]
  • Rolling Meadows Heavy Cream 40% [6/.5 Gal]
  • Butter Unsalted Quarter [18/1#]

Sour Cream

2 Daisy– Sour Creams are 100% natural with no additives or preservatives. Daisy sour creams are made without fillers, preservatives, or stabilizers. The naturally cultured flavor ensures consistent taste for your recipes time after time. Daisy Regular Sour Cream, with its full-bodied, creamy texture and preferred taste, affords the greatest versatility for creative chefs.

  • Daisy Natural Sour Cream [4/5#]
  • Daisy Natural Sour Cream Portions [100/1oz]
  • Daisy Natural Sour Cream Pouch [6/4.5#]


3 Bongard’s Cheese– Offers a variety of wholesome, premium chesses sourced responsibly as only a co-op could. Bongard’s Cheese was founded in 1908 by farmers in Bongard, MN. Their goal was to craft premium dairy products and to offer superior quality that local families deserved. Each product is crafted from pure, premium ingredients — with quality assured by their co-op.

Locally Sourced from Bongard, MN.

  • Swiss/American Cheese Slices 160 [4/5#]
  • American Cheese Slices 120 [4/5#]
  • American Cheese Slices 160 [4/5#]

Other Cheese Products

  • Cheddar Cheese Diced ¼” [4/5#]
  • Belgioioso Kasseri Cheese Whole [24# AV]
  • Swiss Cheese Diced ¼” [4/5#]
  • Cucina Andolina Feta Cheese [28# Pail]
  • Pepper Jack Cheese Diced ¼” [4/5#]
  • Kasseri Cheese [9/3 KG]