Sales Team

Rob Haugen – President of Sales Since 2011

Rob attended Culinary School and graduated in the top of his class. After culinary school Rob would go on to work as an Executive Chef for various restaurants for over 13 years. Rob has over 20 years of experience within the foodservice and meat industry. Rob joined the Swanson Meats team in the spring of 2011. Rob has a wealth of product knowledge and a great understanding of what it takes to run a successful restaurant.

Eric LoehrSales Representative Since 2006

Eric’s career in the meat business started when he was 16 years old. Over the years, Eric’s capabilities and product knowledge expanded as he would hold many different roles and responsibilities. In 2003, Eric joined Swanson Meats and in 2006 an opportunity opened up in sales. Eric quickly found his niche in sales as a center of the plate specialist. Eric enjoys meeting new people, establishing successful business relationships, and forming friendships through sales.

Dan ForsterSales Representative Since 2001

Dan began working for the family business in 1972. Over the years Dan’s capabilities grew and in 1982 Dan decided to start a catering division at Forster Meats. Dan would spend the next 19 years focusing on the foodservice industry. In the fall of 2001, Dan joined Swanson Meats. Dan has continued to put to use his customer service expertise within the foodservice industry to build strong customer relationships. With 45 years of experience, Dan has extensive product knowledge and takes great pride in taking care of his customers.

David Gonzalez – Sales Representative Since 2011

David began working for Swanson Meats in 2000. Over the years, David’s experience grew and his knowledge of products increased as he would hold many different positions. In 2007, David began selling part-time, and in 2011, David was promoted to a full-time sales representative. David is fluent in both English and Spanish, and his area of expertise is in ethnic foods. David enjoys meeting new people, providing outstanding service, and helping customers grow their business.

Mark Bigelow – Sales Representative Since 2014

Mark Bigelow has been in the meat business for over 40 years, and has a wide variety of experience from owning his own truck & route to working a variety of inside and outside sales positions. Mark enjoys building relationships and offering insight on how his customers may be able to become more efficient and profitable. He has always made it a goal of his to put his customers first, and his customers will be the first ones to tell you this.

Darrell Zorn – Sales Representative Since 2019

Darrell’s career in foodservice began in high school when he fell in love with cooking food. Darrell moved to Minnesota to attend the U of M and worked for some well-known operators throughout college. Darrell made the leap from kitchen to foodservice sales over 20 years ago. He enjoys meeting new people, building successful business relationships, and helping educate chefs and owners on new products and practices. Darrell is quality-driven and customer-focused.