Facility Safety

Devoted to Food Safety

  • HACCP – Swanson Meat’s is a Purveyor & Fabricator of Fine Meat Products, operating under an established and fully implemented HACCP plan with all Critical Control Points identified. We have trained and educated employees who ensure that the appropriate steps are taken on a daily basis.
  • Quality Guaranteed – All of our suppliers must provide us with letters of guarantee, ensuring us and our customers that the products we sell have not been adulterated or altered as defined by the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.
  • Metal Detection – All ground products produced or manufactured at Swanson Meats must pass through a metal detector before they are shipped, to ensure wholesomeness.
  • Complete Sanitation – After production has been completed, our production room is then prepped for a deep sanitizing clean. Equipment is stripped down and disassembled to ensure the elimination of all environmental bacteria. Our trucks are also monitored for cleanliness.
  • Temperature Control – During our handling of product from receiving to storage, to production and shipping ambient & product temperature are monitored and recorded. Ambient temperature in all areas of our facility are maintained at or below approved regulatory critical limits to extend the shelf life and eliminate spoilage.
  • Product Separation – Swanson Meats’ is compliant with all required species separation throughout storage and production areas.
  • Production Practices – All employees involved in production are issued a clean frock and apron, hair net, beard net, and latex & cotton gloves daily. Employees must wash hands before entering the production room, and no food or drink is ever allowed in the production room. All new employees
  • Audited – Each year Swanson Meats voluntarily participates in NSF third party audits, supplier audits, and regulatory audits to ensure that we meet and surpass the requirements of our customers.